Author David M Farrell was born at the end of the Baby Boomers in the 1960s. In a country then called Rhodesia and what is today Zimbabwe.


At, 11 David became a school prefect which marked the start of a 45-year vocation in leadership. At high school, he captained water polo, cricket and rugby teams. He coached junior sides and was also a prefect in his final year.


David worked his way up through the ranks to reach store manager before his 25th birthday. Of a new concept in the 1980s known as big-box retail. He has pursued a career in retail, franchise, hospitality and startups on 3 continents around the world. He now writes commentary for respected publications in their field.


David assesses this in his non-fiction book Leadership - A Sixth Sense with insights from trench leaders. Where he argues that management is detached from the pulse. Most are unaware of the fine workings of a team it entrusts them to serve. That of the people.


In 1981 in his last year of high school, he launched a magazine for a local charity club to appeal to teens. He organised a glossy bound cover sponsored by local business and typed content with and of value to the community. Many a late-night were spent on the Roneo machine that provided the technology as photocopiers were yet to be invented. Stencil duplication was a low-cost print method that forced ink through waxed-paper stencils on to paper.


David still writes for communities and is the owner and advocate of several large sites on social media. With over 21 000 members. His inspirational novel The Autistic Bubble talks of the hardships and joys of those associations.


To all those who know David, he is a natural storyteller. Not just in words but in actions and nuances. Which comes through in his writing.


He has an inherent understanding of human demeanour clear in the 3 books he is writing. All different topics but all linked by behaviour. Chameleon (Africa To Aotearoa) is a historical fiction book based on his adventures and reflections. Of a journey over the last half-century.


David looks forward to your feedback and support as he shares his thoughts and experiences.


Thank you for your time and patience, all are works in progress.

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