2020 Vision: Another Decade

The ocean surges through the darkness

Crashing her waves upon the land.

Hissing in retreat only to build again.

A myriad of twinkling eyes gaze downward

Bemused by the fury of her age-old sister.

The ancient moon retires before the break of dawn.

Cold air bites the tenderness of my cheeks

The lifeless beachfront whistles a mournful tune.

All have taken shelter from the night chill.

Trance-like I watch in anticipation

For what, I do not know.

Surreal suspended animation prevails.

The sky wakens and illuminates my world

With a celestial light.

Colours replace monochrome voids.

Sparkling greens dance with white horses

Tranquillity subdues the turmoil.

The lure of hope for the new day.

It washes all remnants of times past

Along with the footsteps of my existence.

The mist of her salty breath kisses my lips.

 She grooms herself for the deluge of impending humanity

The extravagance of modernization degrades her ageless beauty.

Commercialism mocks her virtue.

Neon, her garish jewellery

No wish to witness the assault.

I turn away.

Replacing her comforting smell and rhythms

With the chaotic stench of burning fossil fuel.

Consumed by the very teeming masses I yearn to avoid.

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