An enjoyable masterpiece!

Amazon review by Rebecca C in the U.K.

This is a really touching coming of age story that covers a whole range of emotional storylines within it that really capture your attention and pull on your heartstrings.

Learning more about the history of the characters and set in Africa in times of struggles such as poverty and war and exploring a range of issues, including racial discrimination and prejudices.

The story focuses on the main character of Rory and his life – starting with the challenges he faced at boarding school through to his adult life and finding his place in the world.

The storyline I found focused a lot of time around this childhood phase and then I felt it was rushed until the later chapters where you are looking back at the historical memories of the other main character Themba.

This isn’t a bad thing – it just threw me slightly when reading that so many years seen the have elapsed in such a short period!

Themba is probably my favourite character and I love his relationship with Rory.

I also love the later introduction of Lucky and the bond between him and Themba.

Overall a beautifully written book that faces up to some hard hitting issues whilst capturing the wonderful stories of the characters that have been created.