Rorke Wilde

My name is Rorke Wilde.
Most call me Rory.
This is my memoir.
Of a time as I saw it.

I have found my home.
I live without trepidation.
I lie my head in calmness.
I am eternally indebted to this gracious nation.
May my family never undervalue that which New Zealand enriches us with.
Thank you, Land of the Long White Cloud, people of the oceans, my Aotearoa.
E hoa ma, ina te ora o te tangata. (My friends, this is the essence of life).

Rest in Peace, Themba (man of hope) Dube (Zebra — healer and mixer of colour).
My friend.
My mentor.
My guardian spirit.
You lived up to your name.
Everything I think, say, or do is because of our friendship.
May your last days on earth have been all you wished.
I know you roam the valleys and hills of Phelamanga (Heaven).

Our Afrika, we so cherished.
I miss you every day and you continue to show up in my moments of fragility and joy.
I imprint your legacy on Inyanga (the full moon), so we will travel together forever.
In solitude, I still talk with you, and for that, I am always grateful.
Size sibonane njalo (until we meet again).
Kumele ngihambe khathesi. (I must go now).
Stay well. My father. My world.
Asimbonanga (I have not seen him).


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