Our beloved home and Land Of The Long White Cloud

Jeanne and me.
Jeanne and me.
Buddy my muse
Buddy my muse
  • "Dave’s writing is that of staunch support for the most integral aspect of any organisation that actually matters – its people. Dave’s insights are valuable for the broader business community."


  • "Dave is a talented and passionate writer. His love of words and his ability to convey emotion and atmosphere combine to make powerful, evocative stories. To the reader, Dave's poetry has that exceptional quality of being able to make time stand still."


  • "Dave has a profound writing talent, I love to read his stories and poetry."


  • "Dave is deeply committed to advocating for those on the autism spectrum. He uses his understanding and experience to educate people about the challenges faced by autistic children and adults. His insights are a valuable resource."


  • Dave writes very succinctly and intelligently about Autism matters and is a valuable contributor to forums about Autism issues.

Maori art - close ties


I love my family. They are everything to me.

I have acquaintances, but my true friends are my wife Jeanne and our Cocker Spaniel Buddy.

I wake up early for a bit of me-time and to write. It is my consummate joy.

I have an innate ability to read the subtlest of body language, nuance & expression.

I can’t stand soap operas, reality shows, and dramas.

I love to observe people going about their business.

I am uneasy in most social situations. Yet I relate to people and they to me.

I am idiosyncratic because I follow my gut.

I never know when it is my turn to talk on the telephone.

I influence and manipulate to achieve mutual goals.

I do not tolerate bureaucracy, intolerance and stupidity.

My life goals are to have a positive impact and leave a legacy.

Am I normal enough not to be labelled?

Will I fit into the industry's perceptions?

Will I find my little box in which to write?

We are all exceptions to a preconceived norm which we are conditioned to strive for.

I refuse to be normal.

There can be no change without history, courage without conviction or commitment without reward.

Writing is about People, for People, by People.

A lifetime of writing:

Chameleon - Historical Fiction.

Leadership - Non-fiction.

The Autistic Bubble - Inspirational Fiction.

Columnist for Inside Retail Australia and Inside Retail New Zealand since 2015.

Columnist for The Register RetailNZ.

Commissioned for a short story series in woman’s weekly in South Africa and monthly publications in Britain.

Autistic Advocate.