The Autistic Bubble

Inspirational Fiction


An inspirational novel that discusses the issues dealt with by the Autistic community, what it faces in a world of preconceived norms and its need to label others who do not fit in.

The Autistic Bubble encourages a kinship of inclusiveness and acknowledgement, to show commonality and a vested interest in all ages on the spectrum. In, an endeavour to channel the tireless work of reputable motives to the whanau that is New Zealand. Not a lone voice but a choir who sing to the same tune.

They are no less diverse than any other group of people and just as others in history have sought and achieved inclusion. Theirs has just begun.

The public need to embrace an inclusive culture that educates promotes and embeds involvement. Where everyone adds value.


The Spectrum must understand, educate and self-manage.

Both parties have reached out and they must nurture this and the Autistic Bubble means to strengthen the grip to a firmer one.

The rewards are immeasurable.
There are support groups and organisations that are more flawed than valuable with their hidden agendas and goals that are driven by greed.

The book takes the time to explore the facts and the myths that swirl around the internet. The pathologisation of autism and a pharmaceutical race to find a cure or better still create a market with a lifetime of dependent drugs. To look into the curators whose aims is to change autistic behaviour so they might act in neurotypical ways.

It indicates there can be no humiliation if honour, respect and agreement of whom they want to be are distinct. Those parents shouldn’t waste their energy on change but focus on acceptance, advocating the positives it can bring to everyone’s lives.

The author calls for the Autistic community to do everything in their power and influence to assure the right of choice. Free access and above all free to be themselves. A suggestion that neurodiversity is a gift. Not a curse.

He discusses the many facets of the need to educate and drive to include Autistics. Of, a journey full of inspiration and benefit if supported, to cultivate, promote, debate and research, yet aware a path beset with frustration and obstacle.

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