Concerns about how technology affects how we treat one another is on the increase.

They are not the paranoia of ‘boomers’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ but the apprehensions of those who understand nuance, read body language and discern that, which is not expressed.

The irony is we are more disconnected in a world of instant communications than ever before.

There is an abundance of new concepts, products, returns on investment and productivity models promising to transform and secure our future.

But where is the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to ensure we don’t lose sight of the most vital of principles for meaningful progress – awareness?

It Is Not About Luck

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Chameleon (Afrika to Aotearoa) is ready for submission. It is far from complete, for now it enters the realms of representation and the print industry. A competitive and harsh environment affected by Covid, perception, bias and exclusion — life.

I revel in the challenge and am excited at the prospect of publishing, however that may look – traditional, indie, or e-book. Book two of the four-volume series Cobblers is well on its way, and book three Lucky in Afrika is stealing more and more space in my cluttered mind. Don’t even get me started on the final one Halls of Beelzebub.

Writing can be and must be a lonely profession, but because of it I have met so many, I would never have.

Thank you to you within the business for your feedback and to those who support what I do.

This is the life. This is living.

Cobblers Bar & Grill

Historical Fiction

1996 – 1999. A time when Rorke and Rose Wilde purchase a pub in the blue-collar town of Germiston, South of Johannesburg.

A period not covered in Chameleon (Afrika to Aotearoa) reveals the effects of change on people and communities in the area.

The Rainbow nation is not living up to expectation and promises made.

Irrespective of colour, creed or culture.


Chameleon (Afrika to Aotearoa) is and has been submitted.

We wait for feedback and the inevitable editing and rewriting.

Chameleon is the memoirs of Rorke Wilde. Born in Africa in the 1960s, who faces the uncertainty of white rule in Rhodesia. A picaresque composite of Huckleberry Finn and Great Expectations.

A first-person account of his exploits amongst the diverse communes and cultures over three continents as they influence and shape him.

Unlike many of the expectable writings of Southern Africa, Chameleon unites the heart and mind by not taking sides.

Starting a new story – so different.

Closer and Closer

Chameleon manuscript on it’s way to the assessor.
Buddy (my muse) and I exhausted yet at peace with the work. Next, we write book 2 of the historical fiction trilogy.

How does it feel to be a writer.








Why do I do this?

Because nobody is listening.

Final Draft

Final draft of Chameleon done and dusted.

Africa to Aotearoa’

Historical Fiction with a difference – the truth.

82 000 words.

Great feedback from mentor – unique and promising.

Ready for assessor in October

I am a writer

My wife is my best friend.
My spaniel Buddy is my muse.
I wake up early for me-time?
I write each day.
I come across as distant.
I am found in social corners.
I read the subtlest of body language.
I follow my gut.