It Is Not About Luck

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Chameleon (Afrika to Aotearoa) is ready for submission. It is far from complete, for now it enters the realms of representation and the print industry. A competitive and harsh environment affected by Covid, perception, bias and exclusion — life.

I revel in the challenge and am excited at the prospect of publishing, however that may look – traditional, indie, or e-book. Book two of the four-volume series Cobblers is well on its way, and book three Lucky in Afrika is stealing more and more space in my cluttered mind. Don’t even get me started on the final one Halls of Beelzebub.

Writing can be and must be a lonely profession, but because of it I have met so many, I would never have.

Thank you to you within the business for your feedback and to those who support what I do.

This is the life. This is living.

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