Cobblers Bar & Grill

Historical Fiction

1996 – 1999. A time when Rorke and Rose Wilde purchase a pub in the blue-collar town of Germiston, South of Johannesburg.

A period not covered in Chameleon (Afrika to Aotearoa) reveals the effects of change on people and communities in the area.

The Rainbow nation is not living up to expectation and promises made.

Irrespective of colour, creed or culture.

A lifetime of writing: Historical Fiction: Chameleon (Africa To Aoteroa) Non-fiction: Leadership (From The Trenches) Inspirational Fiction: The Autistic Bubble: Columnist for Inside Retail Australia and Inside Retail New Zealand since 2015 Columnist for The Register RetailNZ Commissioned for a short story series in woman’s weekly in South Africa and monthly publications in Britain.

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