Goodreads Review (Taryn Leigh)

Now this is what I call an award winning masterpiece of literary fiction!

This book is so well written that I could feel and sense the characters as if they were real people. There was depth to who Rorke and Themba are, the journey they embark on and how it shaped their future.

Their friendship was portrayed so honestly and deeply, with a gentle approach to the tough subject matters of Diversity, Inclusion, and Discrimination.

I loved how difficult issues were addressed, like poverty and racial tension. This story is a phenomenal demonstration of the opportunities that generational wealth can bring compared to someone who is living hand to mouth, waiting for a government who is ‘for the people’ to uplift them.

The narrative was written with grace and eloquence. One I have not forgotten since reading it. As a citizen of the ‘New South Africa, Rainbow Nation’, I hear Themba and Rorke’s stories every day and feel like both narratives were so beautifully written in this book.

If you’re looking for a story with depth, that will pull at your heart and imprint your thoughts, then this book is highly recommended!

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