RETAIL - About People


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Retail - About People discusses and looks at the industry from the point of view of the merchant from the shop floor through insights and solutions. An interpretive account of one of the world’s largest sectors to tempt the next generation to look at a career in retail.

The book features the exclusive views of successful shopkeepers from around the globe. Whom share their career paths up through the ranks of respected merchants. It raises the issues of diversity, conscious business, and sustainable practices. To inspire debate, clarity, and honesty and encourage those who do not have the means to partake in further education. A choice, even the opportunity to earn a living as they forge a career.

Retail - About People considers the principles of the sector without a prescribed agenda of what the future holds.

The non-fiction novel is a deliberation on the state of the industry and stands by the premise:

Retail is about People. This is the human aspect that few businesses dare to ignore, despite every effort to automate.

Retail is for the People. To explain what retailing is about and gain a sense of the complexities of a vibrant and diverse enterprise.

Retail is by People. The opinions of traders. From the nervous casual to the seasoned operators.

It is not the quintessential how-to-manual. Nor does it try to outdo the self-professed consultant and their gravy train formulae for success.

Retail - About People confronts the effects of micromanagement and the red tape of the trade. In its quest for the exalted peaks of true leadership. It shuns the constraints of compliance in favour of the entrepreneurial spirit. A detailed composition of savvy with a sober and informed commentary.

The collaboration strives to fend off the absurd step-by-step guide to success and the dumbing down rhetoric of silver bullet remedies.

The non-fiction narrative boasts no frills or promissory extravagance. That is for the fickle client, consumer, patron, buyer, purchaser, call them what you will. Every group, international, franchise, corner shop or trash and treasure stall depend on their fraternisation. Nor does the writing make a grandiose claim to the millennium or in what path brands should steer their business. A belief that success depends upon what is heard. That which isn’t said, what is felt and how they think.

Retail - About People exposes the frailties of retailing. In the vague habits of theoretical advice and removed management. By highlighting why gut instinct negates the premise of theory. The focus is on people and how results surpass the burden of conformity. It introduces a spectrum of personalities and builds on the skill sets required for a career.