Leadership - A Sixth Sense


Leadership - About People

The book discusses the point of view of leaders on the shop floor. Through the insight and solutions of blue-collar chiefs from around the globe who, share their paths up through the ranks. It raises issues of diversity and sustainable practices in a hope to inspire debate through clarity and honesty. To encourage those who do not have the means for further education. A choice, even the opportunity, to earn a living as they set up a career.

The non-fiction novel is a deliberation on where the world finds itself.
It considers the principles without an agenda of what the future may hold.

Leadership is about People – the human aspect that too often is ignored in the effort to automate.

It is for the People to obtain a sense of the complexities of a vibrant and diverse realm.

Leadership is by the People – first-hand observations of management at the rock-face.

It is not the quintessential how-to-manual nor does it try to outdo the self-professed consultant and their gravy train formulae of gain.

Leadership – A Sixth Sense, challenges the effects of micromanagement and red tape in its quest for the exalted peaks of true leadership. It shuns the constraints of compliance in favour of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The collaboration aspires to avert the mindless step-by-step guide to success and the rhetoric of social media. Most of us can understand one sentence after the other just as we recognise the subtlety of reading between the lines and the nuance of innuendo.

The volume boasts no-frills or promissory extravagance. It sets aside that for the fickle public, consumer, politician, government and commerce. Nor does the writing make a grandiose claim to the millennium or in what path humanity should strive for. Progress depends upon what individuals hear, that which isn’t said, how they feel and what they think.