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Reviews are an author’s lifeline, and I thank each one of you for your time and kind words. Not just the ones on here but all of them as well as those on their way.

NZ Booklovers review by Chris Reed – This piece is headed for awards, without question. It’s a highly recommended read of the season. Its sadness is immense and raw – yes hauntingly beautiful. I loved it.

Author Tarryn Leigh (South Africa) – Now this is what I call an award winning masterpiece of literary fiction!

Barry Hemans (England) – This is a beautifully written book. It has great flow that comes from highly efficient writing that makes it easy to read.

Author Justine Gilbert (England) – There’s a touch of Kipling in this book. The real Kipling, not Disney.

Author Fred Simpson (New Zealand) – Most first novels, if they are written with serious intent, are essentially autobiographical. This is because a serious author, an author with a ‘message’ that transcends mere narrative, grounds his or her imagination on personal experience – experience relived and expanded upon with a writer’s eye and a writer’s heart. The Chameleon is a book written by such a writer.

Aisha Rowbottom-Isaacs (South Africa) – The Chameleon is story packed full of heritage, rich history, familial bonds, friendship and a coming of age journey of one young man. It definitely has that literary vibe and what I’m sure the Pulitzer Prize people look for in a book. A brilliant debut.

Author Naomi Shippen (Australia) – A wonderful time capsule of a life lived in a time of enormous historical significance.

Sharon Rimmelzwaan (England) – A book that shows the racial prejudices of the time and the inequality among other issues. I left a piece of my heart behind when I finished this. Such an interesting and emotional piece of writing.

Deborah Rutherford Eriksen (Scotland) – Thank you for this gift of a story. Finished your book and still wiping the tears from my eyes …

Here is to 2023

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