We Are All Immigrants

We are Immigrant. We are a migrant species. The human capacity to adapt to most environments has been key to its proliferation and diversity. Our omnivorous appetite and indelible curiosity has spread our ilk to every corner of the globe and beyond. Less adaptive breeds are no longer. Extinct because of their narrow influence and civil demeanour.

I am Immigrant. I have migrated to three continents in search of suitable habitat. Where I could be myself and provide a stable base for my family. To escape the oppression and uncertainty of a regime who stripped me of my citizenship of birth. I chose to move on from another for it did not present a long-term solution for the next generation.

I am now at home.

Immigration is a harrowing ordeal for the educated and privileged so try to imagine how torturous it is for those fleeing for their lives. Destitute and without resource only to be debased by the country’s they seek solace from. Icons of hope and freedom in their mind’s eye and shared dreams.

Consider for a moment the determination to journey without a mode of transport. The courage to face the unknown and the faith to seek pity in those you have never met. Judge not and above all else praise your God or lucky stars that your tenacity is never called upon to save that which you hold dearest.

To all those who vilify others for seeking refuge in a safe country and branding them as illegal immigrants do not understand what it is like to fear for your life or your family’s safety. Illegal means to take part in something contrary or forbidden by current laws. But does that mean it is right?


  1. Jean Illingworth on September 8, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    Spot on and the trauma often suffered is passed onto future generations.

    • David M Farrell on September 9, 2019 at 7:49 am

      Quite agree. Thanks for taking the time.

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